Eswatini Emblem

Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Parliament of Eswatini

Our Vision

The Parliament of Eswatini has a vision of where it wants to be in the future, to be counted among the best and effective legislatures in the world and therefore, all our actions are within the framework of reaching this vision. Our vision is one that all facets of society can associate with and unite behind. The Vision of the Parliament of Eswatini is: To be an efficient, transparent and accessible Parliament of the people, that ensures shared national growth and prosperity.

Our Mission

In order to give meaning to our vision and work towards its attainment, the Parliament of Eswatini has carved a mission statement that should guide and steer the institution in its day-to-day functioning. The Mission of the Parliament of Eswatini is: To provide an environment where the passage of legislation and the exercise of oversight over the Executive is done in a dignified and honest manner, putting the people first.


The general objective of Parliament is to assist Members of the House of Assembly and Senators in their consideration and passage of legislation as well as national issues of good governance - which are the proper application and usage of resources by government, and to ensure transparency and accountability in actions and decisions undertaken by the Executive.